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Personal Training
Sports Performance

Milon Circuit
Starting a new exercise program or changing up a current program can be challenging on your own. Here at All Access Fitness Academy, you will be matched up with a Personal Trainer who truly cares about your progress, and will help put together a plan that works for you.

Our personal trainers all hold a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. They are professionals who apply scientific knowledge to design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs, and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention.

Your personal training sessions will be designed to address your goals, injuries and postural issues. And don’t forget your Personal Trainer will help challenge you more than you ever thought you could! 
All of our trainers are instructed to write and provide programs that are based on our members’ physical presentation at the time of their first fitness assessment. Finally, all of our individual and group personal training programs for members are reviewed by Dr. Lee Mancini, a local Sports Medicine Physician and owner of the Doctor of Fitness, LLC.

Each of our members will receive at least one initial personal training session, as part of their membership. We also offer Personal Training as an additional service, if you’re looking to continue working with your Personal Trainer on a deeper level. For information on our personal training packages, contact Joe at

The All-Access Fitness Academy offers teams and individual athletes of all ages access to comprehensive sports strength and conditioning services.

Our training programs are written and supervised by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, and are designed to maximize all athletes’ potential while reducing their risk for injury.

Our Sports Strength and Conditioning programs take place in a 5000 square foot section of our facility that is set up to help local athletes and active people of all ages maximize their conditioning for whatever sport or activity they participate in.

We Offer A Variety of Training Programs to Fit Your Needs Including Our Renowned Summer Camp Programs for Students!   See More

The All-Access Fitness Academy can provide you with a nutrition program that helps you to lose weight, improve your energy levels, and improve your overall health and fitness.  Our nutrition plans are not diets.

At All-Access, we believe that nutritional programs and supplements must be tested and validated through research.  Dr. Donald Layman is considered the world’s foremost expert on amino acid metabolism and nutritional requirements during work and exercise.  He has over 90 peer reviewed articles on these topics.

Dr. Layman has created a ground breaking metabolic correction system that directly tackles the root cause of the obesity epidemic.  His system can create permanent changes to your metabolism so you can continue to lose weight.  And now his system is available here at All-Access Fitness Academy.

To learn more about his system and how it can benefit you in your efforts to lose weight, boost your metabolism, and/or eat healthier in general, call us at 508-845-3974

You Can Achieve Your Fitness Goals 30% Faster By Using Our Milon Training System

Milon is a smart, revolutionary circuit featuring a combination of 8 fully automated strength and cardio machines. The fully automated equipment gives more resistance when you pull or lower the weights than when you push or raise them! This is known as eccentric training and ensures that you are working out to your maximum capacity in a SAFE and SIMPLE way. Milon is currently only available at a handful of clubs in the northeast.

Milon also increases your metabolism for 15 times longer than a regular workout. In just 35 minutes you will experience a superb total body workout. You never have to spend more than 4 minutes performing the same exercise. The central timing column indicates when to start and stop, so nothing is left to chance. CHECK IT OUT
   No weights – so you’ll never feel self-conscious about the resistance you working against with other members around you in the circuit.

Reduce Stress and Increase Energy with our Hatha Yoga class

  Decrease body fat quicker
– the combination of strength training and cardiovascular training this circuit offers will help you lose body fat sooner.

  Works targeted muscle groups
in both directions on all strength training machines in the circuit. This improves your strength faster and maximizes the efficiency of your workouts.

  Heart rate monitoring
– This equipment allows you to train within your target heart rate during the entire 20 minutes so you WIll KNOW you had a great workout when you are done.

  Completely automated
tracking of your fitness gains via the circuit’s computer system so you can track your progress no matter what type of exercise you are doing.

  Minimal to no wait time to use the equipment
– all users move to the next exercise station every 1.5 minutes.   This keeps people moving and keeps wait times to a minimum.

But don’t take our word for it!  If you would like to try out this equipment for yourself, just complete the  FREE Trial web form.

When you do, we will send you a 2 Week VIP Membership Pass for you to come in and experience the rest of our facility for yourself as well (2 Week VIP Pass available to non-members only).

You can also give us a call at 508-845-3974 to schedule your Free Trial today!
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